Saturday, January 3, 2015

That's a Wrap

Tomorrow there will be a kitchen to clean, laundry to wash, backpacks to ready, calendars and to do lists to scrutinize.  But today, there was one last trip to the metropolis on the other side of the mountains.  A long awaited visit to a glass fusion studio in a suburb not used to seeing two mom families and eleven year olds with half-blue-highlighted, half-shaved heads. On the way home, we passed a traffic jam of suburbanites leaving our beach ville.

As we wrap up another winter break, a much needed respite in the middle of a school year, and take a final accounting, on the the credit side we have made three trips "over the hill," eaten soup dumplings twice, and completed one Ravensburger Christmas puzzle. On the debit side, we have yet to make it to the Keith Haring exhibit, make donuts, or complete the second Ravensburger Christmas puzzle.  

Nevertheless, here we go, back into our busy life.